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Financial Advisory

CVP Capital

Incorporated in 2014, CVP Capital is licensed by SFC to operate out Type 1 (Dealing in Securities), Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 6 ( Corporate Finance). Its principal business includes the provision of  investment banking services such as Pre-IPO advisory, M&A advisory, corporate restructuring, fund raising and investor relations services.

Debt and Equity Financing

CVP Capital on one hand advises companies in raising capital and on the other hand provides best possible investment solutions to investors.

Leveraging on the experience and know-how of our management team in equity and financing markets, CVP Capital is able to meet the requirements of clients over the course of a business cycle. Our team does not only assist our clients in fund raising and bringing in capital, but also ensure them an optimal capital structure throughout its tenure. Moreover, CVP Capital helps our clients to secure the best terms and conditions with different financial institutions in the capital market. With our strong network, CVP Capital is able to establish a long-term sustainable and affluent cooperation relationship for both shareholders and customers, and provide attractive investment opportunities. With rich market experience, we provide consulting services and professional support for various businesses, including deal execution, asset sale, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Provides trustful support to create win-win situations for both buyers and sellers

  1. Through M&A, customers may explore new business sectors, increase market share, obtains expertise and professional management team from the target company, so as to achieve the long-term goals with great leap growth.

  2. In order to assist our clients to achieve a successful M&A, CVP Capital is dedicated to the entire transaction management process, ranging from strategic target shortlisting, due diligence, formulating acquisition plans, negotiations, fund raising solutions, deal closure, to post-merger integration plan. Riding on our sophisticated M&A experts with extensive experience in the structuring and execution of domestic and cross-border transactions, CVP Capital’s team is confident to create win-win transactions for both purchasers and vendors.

Pre-IPO Advisory

Helps customers grow throughout different stages of their business cycles

​In additional to listed companies, CVP Capital identifies quality small/medium-sized companies as our potential clients and helps them grow over the course of the business cycle. CVP Capital can provide the following advisory services to our potential clients: 

  1. IPO readiness assessment

  2. Corporate restructuring proposal prior to IPO

  3. Due Diligence, business planning, marketing positioning and investment case development 

  4. Preparation of corporate presentations and other promotional materials to potential underwriters

  5. Introduction and selection of sponsors, underwriters, auditors, legal advisors and other professionals

  6. Introduction of professionals, such as CEO, CFO, COO, etc. to strengthen the management team

  7. Pre-IPO investment

  8. Introduction of potential cornerstone investors, advice on IPO and pricing


Provides professional advice to customers and optimize existing business of customers.

Restructuring a corporate entity is often a necessity when a company has grown to the point that the original structure can no longer efficiently manage the general interests of the company. CVP Capital offers unrivalled expertise in: 

  • Advising on company structure, such as disposal of underperforming or non-core businesses

  • Improving capital structure of the company, such as refinancing heavy debt-laden companies by means of equity placement or assisting in negotiations with existing creditors for debt rearrangement

  • Company bailout (in particular listed companies) through introduction of white knight or asset injection

Investor Relations

Provides various value-added services to help customers further expand their business.

CVP Capital has a particular strength in assisting our clients to enhance their shareholders' value by modifying their existing business models and unveiling their unique business story to the investment community. CVP Capital will assess the client’s business and assist as follows: 

  • Review the company’s business model, shareholding structure and management composition

  • Identify and highlight its growth drivers and competitive edges which may possibly lead to a market re-rating

  • Assist in preparing the company’s investor presentation

  • Introduce the company to potential investors

  • Introduce investment banks, brokerage houses or research institutions to assist in promoting the company

  • Arrange media outreach and press releases, in conjunction with PR consultants

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