Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Ji Zuguang | Chairman | Madison Group

Ji Zuguang
Chairman | Madison Group

Mr. Ji is the chairman and a non-executive Director of Madison group. Mr. Ji is also currently a director of Starlight Financial Holdings Limited (“Starlight”) which is an indirect non wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group since August 2012. From 1992 to 2000, he served as secretary and engineer of the Shanghai Postal, Telephone and Communication Bureau(上海市郵電管理局)respectively. Since 2000, Mr. Ji served as the Deputy General Manager of LT International Holdings Ltd.(峻岭國際集團有限公司)and established Shanghai Yintong with years of experience in operation of property development projects and secured finance. 

Mr. Ji holds a degree in Economic Management at the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C(中共中央黨校)and a Master’s degree in Advanced Business Management from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Zhang Li
Executive Director |
Madison Group

Zhang Li | Executive Director | Madison Group

Mr. Zhang Li is an Executive Director of the Madison Group. He is also currently the executive director and the co-chairman of the board of the directors of Up Energy Development Group Limited (“Up Energy”, Stock Code: 307). He was also previously an executive director at China Billion Resources Limited (Stock Code: 274). Mr. Zhang has extensive experience in financial and capital markets. He has been involved in investment and management activities of the financial markets for over 20 years, with a particular focus on securities investment and investment banking.

Mr. Zhang holds a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing from the Northwest University of Politics and Law, China.

Kuo Kwan
CFO/ Executive Director |
Madison Group

Kuo Kwan | CFO/ Executive Director | Madison Group

Ms. Kuo currently is the CFO/ Executive Director of the Group, and the CFO of Starlight Financial Holdings Limited. With over 20 years of experience in accounting and auditing and held senior management positions in various listed and private companies in Hong Kong, she was the CFO of Credit China Holdings Limited (now known as Chong Sing Holdings Fintech Group Limited, 8207.HK) from December 2010 to May 2016. Ms. Kuo was an executive director of Greater China Technology Group Limited (now known as Viva China Holdings Limited, 8032.HK), a company listed on the GEM Board of the Stock Exchange from January 2005 to September 2008.