Group Introduction

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Madison Holdings Group Ltd. (“Madison”) is a listed company headquartered in Hong Kong with businesses across the globe. The Company based on its unrivaled insights on commercial and economic development to analyze, plan and layout then capture the upcoming trends and opportunities.

Madison initiated its high-end red wine business and built up a remarkable reputation since listed in 2015. Subsequently in 2017, the Company entered into financial services and innovation services by the acquisition of CVP Financial Group, a full-licensed financial platform which can provide securities brokerage, asset management and investment banking services. Since then, Madison has expanded into a one-stop financial service provider. Over the years, Madison’s investment developments and management are closely followed by various financial institutions, such as Fidelity, Blackstone Group, Atlantis Investment Management, Baoneng Group, ICBC, etc., and have garnered significant impact in the capital markets.

In 2018, Madison has invested in Diginex, a crypto-mining company in Sweden. It also established strategic partnership agreements with Oxford University's Blockhouse, and extended its scope of business via MBIS (Madison Blockchain Investment and Services). These will enable Madison to accelerate the transformation from traditional financial institution to an innovative fintech services provider.


In the new normality of the financial reform, we shall seize new opportunities, control our risk, foresee subversion, and bravely advance, and strive to produce synergy with the existing business of the group, and bring greater benefits to the customers and shareholders.



Ever since the 21st Century, the shift in human lifestyles, the scope of information dissemination, the variation of new innovations and the impact of new world order have demonstrated that ‘Change’ is irrevocably the universal truth in today’s world. In the future world, an agile mindset to anticipate changes becomes the key to maintain one’s superiority. With flexible and efficient execution capability, Madison will provide comprehensive and high-quality services on financial (+tech), blockchain and digital business field, in response to the rapidly changing financial environment in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. We are ascertain with strong dedication that Madison Group will create remarkable footprints in the future development of both Hong Kong and worldwide.


Company Structure

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