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Asset Management

Established in 2016, CVP Asset Management is licensed to operate Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) activities regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. Its principal business is to provide investment funds to professional investors and investment management services.


Information Technology


Real Estate

New Energy

CVP Asset Management focuses on investing in emerging industries, integrating resources and always takes a proactive approach in investment. CVP Asset Management invests mainly in the form of private equity investment funds and some direct investment with its proprietary funds

Investment Platforms

At Present, two investment platform have been set up with different investment methods and strategies.

1. CVP Convertible Bonds Opportunity Fund

Under typical GP (general partner) / LP (limited partner) framework, the fund invests in corporate bonds and convertible bonds issued by listed companies, with stable coupon income and uncapped equity upside potential at the same time.

2. CVP Global Opportunity SPC

With Segregated Portfolio Company as structure, focuses on equity investment, which the investment strategies can be segmented into Activist, Incubational Venture and Special Situation. Sub-fund of Incubational Venture SP and Special Situation SP have been formed.

Strategies of CVP Asset Management

In recent years, Private equity investment has gradually moved from the traditional IPO primary market into the market for mergers and acquisitions, and penetrated into the market value management of the secondary market.

Along with the gradual opening of the Chinese capital market, the overseas equity investment market will have more opportunities, as well as challenges. Based in Hong Kong and looking out of the world, CVP Asset Management will continue to look for opportunity, expand business area, show our abilities, and create success.


Upon acquisition of distressed companies, improve their business models and profitability in order to maximize their shareholders’ value. 

Incubational Venture

In the area of our expertise with successful track record along with our controlling stake, incubate businesses to reach IPO status.

Special Opportunities

Through M&A and Restructuring to revalue Distressed Assets

Industry Focus

1. Finance

The financial industry comprises Traditional finance and Internet finance. CVP Asset Management puts great emphasis on qualitied corporations in the area of Internet financing, Fintech, Financial media, etc. without neglecting traditional finance industry.

2. Healthcare

CVP Asset Management focuses on investing in both local and international advanced medical technology and products, medical equipment and modern medical management services.

3. Technology

TMT Industry is crucial in generating new economic development and leading consumer demand which stimulates economic growth. CVP Asset Management believes that investment opportunities and future development potential in TMT industry are ranked first among all sectors.

4. Energy

In order to achieve the goal of 15% of non-fossil energy in energy consumption in 2020, a proposed 100 million kilowatts was discussed in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for renewable energy by the Chinese Government. Such amount may even be adjusted to double at 200 million kilowatts.

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