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Wine Trading Sector

Money Lending

Hackett Enterprises Limited is an investment group that principally engaged in the provision of the following services in Hong Kong:

  1. Secured Financing Services

  2. Microfinance Services

  3. Financial Consulting Services in the PRC

  4. Loan Financing Services


The group has obtained the following licenses and approval required for the operation of its businesses in the relevant jurisdictions, including:

  • License for provision of micro-financing in Chongqing City, PRC

  • License for provision of entrusted loan in Chongqing City, PRC

  • License for provision of loan financing services and investment holdings in Hong Kong


With the strong reputation of the management of Hackett Group in Chongqing, the PRC. Hackett Group has strong market position as well as its extensive relationship with the municipal government of Chongqing and the business community in the region, which including some high net worth clients or enterprises controlled by high-net-worth individuals.


Information Technology


New Energy

Real Estate

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